Insurance Backed Guarantee

homeinyourhandsWindow Fit want to offer you peace of mind, so that in any event, you feel safe.  We offer insurance backed guarantees with our Window and Door installations as that extra safety blanket for our customers.

What is an insurance backed guarantee?
Upon completion of the job, the business will provide their customer with a guarantee to protect them in the event that something goes wrong with the job. However, should the business cease to trade before the guarantee has expired then the terms of the guarantee can no longer be fulfilled.

If the customer has a GGFi Insurance Backed Guarantee in place, GGFi will consider claims under the terms of the original guarantee for the remaining period of the guarantee. For example, if the business provides the customer with a 10 year guarantee but ceases to trade after 5 years, GGFi can consider a claim for the remaining 5 years should a fault occur.

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